Expert Conseils

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About Us

Who are we?

A team of professionals passionate about the maintenance of your factories.

We take care of your machines and we maintain your production lines, we revolutionize your efficient yields from your equipment.

Entrust us with your preventive, corrective and predictive mechanical and electromechanical maintenance.

We also take care of your installation, continuous improvement and modification projects.

Our History

Created in 2022 by two lovers of the industrial sector who constantly think of solutions to various industrial problems.

Founders Guy Baton Mubwaka and Freddy Tremblay

Several years of experience in the various manufacturing sectors but also in maintenance management, project implementation, machine installation, equipment modification and approval, automation.

The collaborators of Experts Conseils Tech-In are addicts filled with experience on the floor and in management in different sectors of industrial activity.

Our goal

-Work with frenzy to make small and large industrial companies flourish, ensure permanent efficiency of your industrial equipment as well as your production chains.

– stabilize your production operation frequencies by reducing your pecuniary losses linked to production stoppages.

-reduce your expenses related to lack of adequate monitoring and maintenance.

– place itself at the heart of Quebec’s manufacturing industry

-contribute to the Quebec economy

-direct students graduating from professional studies precisely; industrial mechanics, electromechanics, welding, plumbing, electricity and the mechanics of fixed machinery for their integration into the field.